Lecturer :
Helena Oi Lun Li

Assistant Professor :
Tomonaga Ueno

Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya
464-8603, Japan

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 Living organisms produce a wide variety of materials at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. Moreover, each produced material plays a key role in each function in biological systems. "Biomimetic materials processing (BMMP)" is defined as the design and synthesis of new functional materials by refining knowledge and understanding of related biological products, structures, functions and processes. Hence BMMP is not a simple imitation of biological materials processes, but is advanced materials processing for bionics, electronics, photonics, mechanics and etc. BMMP offers starting visions of materials processing for a sustainable future.

 Generally speaking, unique features of materials processing in biological systems are as follows: first, preferential proceeding of reactions with time and space; and second, highly developed organization of fine structures and forms. This biological material processing is actually performed by self-organization of molecular assemblies and molecular recognition at interfacial reaction sites. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce the techniques of self-assembling and interfacial molecular recognition into BMMP.

 In view of strong interests on the development of BMMP, the objective of this symposium is to provide an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion of recent advances in research, development, and applications of BMMP and related matters including "Biomimetics, Biomimics and Biomimicry".

1. Basics of Biomimetic Materials Processing
Self-organization, Molecular Recognition, Biomineralization, Process-mimetics, Function-mimertics,
Characterization, Nano-structure Formation, Patterning, etc.
2. Biomaterials, Biomimetic Materials and Biologically Inspired Materials
Functions, Forms, Structures, Properties, Composites, etc.
3. Applications
Medical Applications, Pharmaceutical Applications, Optical applications, Electronic Applications, Mechanical Applications, Chemical Applications, Coating Applications, etc.
4. Related Topics
Biosensor, Solar Cell, Photocatalysis, Simulation, Ecological Designs, etc.
5. Characterization
Scanning Probe Microscopy, Electron Microscopy, etc.